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AJ15 Ortho Package


AJ15 Orthodontic Package

With hydraulic chair and mobile cabinet

Part number : A9150022                                     

Standard features:

AJ15 hydraulic chair :

    With 3 programmable positions, 

    Articulating headrest, 

    Swing up/down aluminium armrest,one touchpad attached on armrestd,

    Narrow backrest, steel backrest stand,  

    Upgraded fiber leather, 

    Cast iron chair frame,  

    Steel base plate,  

    60 Degrees seat rotation, 

    Chair safety switch,  

    Foot control

Post mount LED light :

    With sensor control, 

    3 Level intensity adjustment.

Orthodontic mobile cabinet :

    With 3 auto H.P. control,  

    Master on/off switch, 

    1 syringe, 1HVE, 1SE, 

    Self contained water bottle system,   

    Wet/Dry foot control, 

    5 Drawers, 

    Solid suface table, 

    Juction box and valves, 5' umbilical

Package includes

A091502                         AJ15 Hydraulic Chair                                   Narrow backrest hydraulic chair with  3 programmable postions and fiber leather 

A0604600                      Ortho Post mount Whale LED light               Ortho 40" Post mount Whale LED light

A0504550                      Orthodontic mobile cabinet                           Orthodontic mobile cabinet with 3 auto H.P. control, 1 syringe, 1 HVE, 1 SE, Self                                                                                                                         contained water bottle system,  Wet/Dry foot control, Solid suface table, Jbox and                                                                                                                     valves, 1 year warranty.

A11202                          Chair adapter                                                 Chair adapter for ADS chairs.


A121532                        HP Fiber optic system with 1 tubing (6 pin)

A121533                        HP Fiber optic system with 2 tubings (6 pin)

A121440                        Water bottle quick disconnection

A120502                        Monitor bracket for Orthodontic Mobile Cabinet

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