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Classic cabinet/wall side mount doctor's system

Part numberA0502522                               

Standard features:

    Classic dentist's control head with 3 auto H.P. control, 1 doctor syringe, 

    Individual water coolant controls, master handpiece air coolant adjustment, 

    Asepsis handpiece tubing,  

    Handpiece flush system, 

    Master on/off switch, 

    Wet/Dry foot control, 

    Stainless steel tray with non-slip pad, 

    Flex arm air brake swtich,

    9" rigid arm, 2" diameter cabinet/wall bracket,  7' umbilical


A121532                        HP Fiber optic system with 1 tubing (6 pin)

A121533                        HP Fiber optic system with 2 tubings (6 pin) 

A120401                        Built in scaler

A121915                        Additional umbilical per foot

A121411                        Classic Junction box case

A121406                        Beyond Junction box case

A121616                        Air/water filters, regulators, master shut-off valves